duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011


Words, words, words...

I wrote and checked so many on my ‘Things to do in life’ list that I truly feel like another person. A better and upgraded version of me. A version that is not only no longer afraid to pick up the rock and throw it in the ocean but dive in for a swim! It has taken quite a large number of baby steps to get here but I am oh-so-happy and treasure each and every one of them. They've led me to where I'm heading today! <3

I shall divide this post in two parts: bad words and good words. As every individual I had to deal with both. Some coming from directions I never expected. As always I was more surprised by the bad ones...but maybe I should have seen that coming. :)

Considering the fact that I only received good news I choose to talk about the bad words first because I want to end my post in a as happy as me note! This is for those who gave up on me when I most needed them, those who not only turned their heads away but picked up a stick and drew a thick line between us like I had some kind of a bad sign on my forehead. Never thought my well-being could affect someone so much.

And now comes the time when I like to turn to the ones that have been near me and be grateful for their constant support. My strength lies in all the times I only saw ‘no’ and you taught me the word ‘yes’. Letter by letter I learned to spell and understand its true meaning!

'Life is a challenge, meet it!'

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